Lyran Stalker

Federation scientists have theorized that Lyrans and Kzintis are descended from common stock, but if this theory is mentioned in the presence of a member of either race, the discussion is likely to become heated (and bloody). Federation diplomats attending international conferences have been advised not to stand physically between Kzinti and Lyran diplomats, even when the discussions are proceeding calmly. (Kzintis and Lyrans somehow coexist peacefully inside the WYN Cluster, to the embarrassment of both empires.)

The Lyran government is based on a feudal structure. There are 21 counties, each ruled by a count. Four of the 21 counties are duchies ruled by a duke, each of whom governs four of the counties (plus his own). (The 21st county is ruled by the King-Emperor. One county (near the Hydran-Klingon border) overthrew its count and became the Lyran Democratic Republic, which existed in a semi-independent status for several decades. Each station along the border is controlled by the local county; the duchies control the starbases.

The Lyrans have military colleges in each county, military universities in each Duchy, and the Royal Lyran Academy at the capital. Potential officers begin their educations at the county colleges. Selected cadets are sent to the Duchy universities and/or the Royal Academy for their third and fourth years. Cadets who graduate from the universities and Academy are better trained and have a superior career potential. They are also eligible to serve on the various support ships under Ducal command and the heavier ships under Royal command. Members of noble families almost always go to the higher schools, and any noble house will always have some of its members serving on ships (and other duty stations) of the higher levels of government. This has many ramifications.

In some regards, these noble officers form  tem. A duke might want to quietly convey his of the counts, and he might choose to do  nephew of that count who happens to serve on The Arch-Duke and King-Emperor can also the dukes (and even the counts, bypassing through this system. The cross-assignment allows junior nobles to get to know their peers.  ders of ships from two different counties may served together as lieutenants on a ducal ship careers. There is also an element of competitiveness noble sons of the various counties try to appear worthy of command in the eyes of the duke (or king).

Another, unspoken, aspect of the system hostages. Every noble knows that several of his in the hands of other nobles, and any action nobles will come at the cost of the lives of those 
There is a good deal of conflict within the  which has kept the race as a whole from dominating larger area of the galaxy. The Lyrans have excellent is surprising that the Lyrans do not dominate Klingons. The strong central organization of Empire, however, makes the Klingons the senior their alliance. The main enemy of the Lyrans (other other) is the Kzinti Hegemony. The hatred of these is so tremendous that every attempt at peace breaks down into hand-to-hand combat. Such an Y168 is believed to have precipitated the devastating War. Geography and hatred for the Kzintis have create the Klingo-Lyran Alliance. The counties in portions of the Lyran Empire have been fighting almost continuously for 150 years, but the origins of the conflict remain obscure.

Lyran Prime Teams are known as Stalkers almost always led by graduates of the Royal Lyran (It is rumored that there is a training center at the operates much like Prime Central, training the Lyran this is unsubstantiated.)


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