Prime Directive - Isn't that a Bullywug?

First officer's log, Stardate 22276.67.0830, USS Copernicus

Lt. Cmdr. James Molloy's log entry - pre-briefing


After the disaster that was yesterday's simulation for the highly aggressive training run of Prime Team #3, I dread rerunning the simulation again today for our supposedly least promising and potentially most aggressive team on-board. Prime Team #4 (who have taken their name already as "Shuttle Team Delta", a reference, no doubt, to their preferred marine ToO insertion method) are not the lowest scoring team we have on board but they show the least cohesion as a team at this time while at Prime Central. Particularly notable is the dichotomy between the forward and brash Alpha Centaurans of the team and the careful and considered Vulcans. Either this is will be a brilliant, or a deeply flawed, team. Given last night's examples I'm hard pressed to agree that this is a team that doesn't work together and to decide if it is a flawed team at present.

After briefing the entire team last night (Sgt. Major Fister being the only team leader to bring his entire squad to the pre-meeting. Unnecessary, but at least inclusive. I got the chance to demonstrate the training technology which should reduce the risk of injury during the exercise), Lt. Pike and I have been monitoring what the team did with their time before the mission briefing. They were unorthodox in their approach but have at least prepared better than the pedestrian approach of Prime Team #2, who wasted the fist 20 minutes of the exercise trying to figure out a floorplan before they moved to rescue.    

Prime Team #4's engineer spent his time manufacturing some very odd foodstuffs in his quarters. Lt. Pike thinks he was making some sort of non-lethal distraction weapon like a pepperbomb or powder-parcel. We did consider cutting his access to the food replicator but he seemingly hasn't made things too toxic looking at the ingredients he managed to produce. We have had the Doctor make up some antihistamine flushes just in case my crew have a reaction to whatever compound he's throwing at them.

One of the Team's AC Marines went for a rekkie of the ship, clearly trying to work out where the exercise was to take place. To her credit, most of the crew she questioned weren't really aware what she was after and she had narrowed down the location well before engaging the engineer and the AC sniper of the team to act as diversion for a hack attempt on the encrypted floorplan we planted in the computer memory core. I believe the team managed to unlock the whole file (the first team to attempt this, I might add, with only the Leopards seeking the same info, unwilling to break the encryption) and may be trying to smuggle a datapad with the full plans loaded into the exercise. The security details has been informed to let them do so.

The Vulcan Science officer, Capt. T'kir, was detected realigning the ship's starboard sensor array while the engineer was cracking our modified floorplan. While Pike can't be certain, he suspects that T'kir may have been trying to use a sensor sweep of the training section to try and get more information about the area in advance of the mission. While T'Kir could  just ask about the amount of hostiles and for a floorplan as part of the briefing it does show independent thought on behalf of the team to seek their own information and not rely on their C/O for direction – a trait that leads me to believe this team isn't the lost cause the Commodore believes them to be.
The team leader and the team medic took a visit to sickbay before this morning with a sudden leg injury that wasn't evident in last night's briefing. While the Doctor reported treating Sgt. Major Fister successfully with a mild painkiller it is clear some subterfuge was at play. I intend to question Fister about this after the exercise to ensure he isn't harbouring a med dependency. If he won't talk then I will instead ask his Vulcan Medical officer, Ditt.   

With the team having done some preparation I am confident they have given themselves a good chance at completing this training scenario. By my reckoning they should be in possession of complete schematics of the area, additional weaponry and intel on the number of combatants in the area. It will be interesting to see what information they actually ask for in the briefing itself and how they conduct themselves thereafter. 

This is now a team I'm watching with interest.


dl_wraith dl_wraith

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