Prime Directive - Isn't that a Bullywug?

1st officer's log, Stardate 22276.70.0855

Transfer of Team #4 to USS Suffolk

I have had confirmation from the USS Suffolk that they will be able to make our rendez-vous today at the Keppler system, allowing us to transfer Prime Exam Team #4 to the care of the new briefing officer there.

Team #4 have the capacity to be a great team, showing aptitude at numerous tactics and the ability to improvise as needs arise. They demonstrated behavior that demonstrated the best qualities of a Starfleet officer but they also exhibited behaviors I'd expect to see more in the Marine corps or in the local militias of fringe worlds.   The Suffolk's briefing officer should help hone the team into something more 'White Tiger' and less 'White Elephant'. I fear that anything less than a hard lesson or two could cost us a very useful and capable asset.

I genuinely believe that Admiral Braddock is wrong in his assessment of this team, but it will take a better Briefing Officer than me to realize the potential we have here. For that reason I will be glad to hand over this team to their now ship and will eagerly watch for their final exam results.  



dl_wraith dl_wraith

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