Prime Directive - Isn't that a Bullywug?

Team #4 training session log, Stardate 22276.67.1000, USS Copernicus

Team #4 have completed their training mission well within the time limit allowed and have managed to neutralise all enemy combatants, capture the most important opposition for interrogation, saved both the Ambassador and the saved the Ambassador's daughter all without losing a single team member. 

The exercise had to be halted partway through Team #4's run to deal with a genuine medical emergency - one of my crew has fallen from the upper balcony after leaning too far over the rail to lok for one of Team #4's personnel only to be hit on full power, expanding the armour suddenly and being forced over the railing. While this was clearly an accident and no malicious intent or malpractice was involved, I would have hoped Team #4 would have shown similar restraint as they had earlier in the exercise to avoid the potential accident in the first place. 

The performance of Team 4 in the latter half of their time in exercise showed they knew what they were doing but it was blighted in part by a lack of cohesive communication in places. That said, the team did exceedingly well, scoring 2nd fastest but most comprehensive success at the exercise so far. I feel only one of the remaining teams will be able to topple Team #4 from the top 2 spots on the leaderboard for this one.

Team 4's members naturally gravitated towards the actions that befitted their chosen professions. The Marines took care of scouting and combat operations while the Science Officer and Engineer continued to use the Cargo Master's office consoles to their benefit, scanning and using their access to slow down the hacker and repair the cargo transporter as a contingency plan. The Medic followed the Marines to supply combat medicine should it be required but really shone in helping enemy units taken out of the exercise to be comfortable while the Psionic and the Team Leader acted as troubleshooters, blocking the eventual escape plan for the enemy, negotiating (perhaps a little rashly) as well as capturing the hacker before he could ready the shuttle bay doors.

Actions I would like to have noted from the latter half of the exercise:

  • Repair of the missing software module for the Transporter bay (this requires investigation)
  • Using the scanners to identify rooms that were occupied and those rooms with explosive compounds in them
  • Stealthily infiltrating the Shuttle control rooms using the air ducts
  • Sharpshooting across the cargo bay to save team mates from being taken out
  • Distracting the enemy leader by pretending to negotiate
  • Use of Psionic abilities to try and locate minds that were agitated by the fake negotiation
  • Infiltrating the Jeffries tube identify what the enemy hacker was doing and to mount a surprise attack
  • Disarming the anti-tamper switch on the ambassador's bomb vest
  • Attempting to use scanner and transporter systems in tandem to remove the final detonator from play
  • Interrogation of the Hacker
  • Removing enemy bodies to a hidden and safe location after each takedown

A couple of things did not go so well for Team #4. I felt that their handling of negotiations with the enemy leader to be very unprofessional, leading to the curtailing of their time limit. I was certain they were going to fail after this setback but they certainly used this to their advantage as best they could, using the well-placed scout and the skillful Psionic well after this event. Additionally, the team medic tried to cross the arena through he vents as her Marine counterparts had before to stay hidden but unfortunately did not do so quietly, potentially compromising the scout who was also using the vents at the time. The medical emergency that followed prevented the enemy team capitalising on this issue, however, so Team #4 did not suffer greatly for this issue.  

I feel it only fair to note the exemplary conduct of team Medic, Ditt, whose expert onsite first aid has saved Ensign Willard from permanent damage from his fall. I am recommending Ditt be issued with an appropriate commendation for his service despite conflicting goals of the mission for the team and helping a fellow member of starfleet.

Phil Fister's team should duly be pleased with their performance here and, while I can see definite places for improvement,  I see this team as a challenger to take the appointment away from the Leopards at this stage. We will see in the final examination if my feelings on this are correct.


dl_wraith dl_wraith

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