Welcome to the Dragonscale group premiere of Task Force Game's Star Fleet adventures system, Prime Directive!

Prime Directive was a short-lived game system published by Task Force Games in 1993 for the purposes of allowing players to adventure within the world of the Federation and the surrounding territories during the time of the original Star Trek series (often referred to as the TOS by Trekkers).

Players in Prime Directive take on the role of a Primary Contact Team (or, "Prime Team" for short). The Prime team is a specialised landing party of skilled personnel sent on dangerous missions requiring diplomacy, espionage, tactical force. reconnaissance or good old fashioned exploration. They are used as Special Ops teams and put into situations where the Bridge crew or senior offices simply shouldn't be risking their lives going (yeah, Kirk! Take that and stick it up your regulation manual!).

A Prime Team is usually made up of a mixture of roles and specialisations, allowing a team to cover a lot of potential situations with a handful of personnel. While they are normally assigned to a single ship for a period of time, Prime Teams occasionally are reassigned from one ship to another or can utilise multiple Starfleet ships as a mission may require. 

Our Prime Team will be a newly trained team, having not yet graduated from starfleet Prime Team training. The year is Y164. The General war hasn't started yet and the Romulan Star Empire hasn't yet invaded the Federation, although Romulan/Federation relations are hostile and secretive at this point. Orion pirates are active all over the Alpha octant and the Klingons are amassing as much military might as they can, fighting wars against the Tholian invaders and the Kzinti Hegemony as well as engaging in sabre rattling along the Federation border. The Federation has already deployed deep space listening posts along the borders to it's neighbors and is particularly worried about the activities of cloaked Romulan ships along the border, seeking technologies to track and reveal the cloaked scouts and warships that could, without warning, strike out into Federation space.


Our new Prime Team trainees have just completed the grueling, year-long training course required to turn an ordinary member of Star Fleet into a Prime Team member. So far they have passed their training and have yet to face their final exam. The team are being trained specifically to form a brand new Prime Team and nobody expects to be sent to serve with their existing ships or the Prime Teams aboard them.  They aren't the only candidates being trained for this accolade, however and it is entirely possible that if they don't perform, our trainees may miss the opportunity to graduate altogether.

USS Copernicus

The Team is one of six competing fledgling teams being sent out for their final exercises accompanied by a Tactical Officer who will serve as a temporary Briefing Officer for all Teams while aboard the USS Copernicus. There is great competition between the teams on board the Copernicus – everyone wants to graduate top of the class and enter their team's name in the roll of Glory back at Prime Central academy. The teams are kept largely apart during the journey to increase team bonding and to avoid any unfortunate effects of competition, especially since some teams include Alpha Centauris, Cygnans and Rigellians not known for their demure attitudes or graciousness in competition. Nobody is told where you are going, or just exactly how long this final exam will take, but clearly it will take place far from Prime Central and is likely to be some kind of field exercise. On the eve of being shipped out, the Camp Commandant, Major-General Gailen Babcock comes to review the team one last time. What will he reveal about the final exam? Will you be allowed to graduate at all when there are so many other teams competing for the prize of being a new Prime Team?


NO prior knowledge of Trek is required or assumed for this game but it would be helpful for players to have a cursory 'pop-culture' knowledge of the Trek universe post ENTERPRISE and Pre NEXT GENERATION. Players should assume technology levels are as they were at the end of the Star Trek Original series so expect no Cardassians, Dominion, Quantum Torpedoes, Federation cloaking devices, Positronic androids and so on. Players will not be assigned bridge crew stations, senior roles on-ship. They will operate entirely within their Prime Team unit and will be posted where they are required.

While no knowledge of Trek is required here, it helps with description and immersion if people know broadly what warp-drive and impulse power is, the general shapes of the Federation ships (Come on, EVERYONE knows what the Enterprise A looks like!), what a Phaser is, the fact that transporters exist and some of the common aliens in Trek (Klingons, Romulans, Vulcans). Anything niche or specific we'll fill in as we play so you don't need to have any specific or in-depth info on the Trek-verse.    

Prime Directive - Isn't that a Bullywug?

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