Campaign rules

Welcome to the campaign!

As normal for the Dragonscale groups other games we are playing casually. Prime Directive is very cinematic in nature but as it's an unfamiliar and old system things may slow down from time to time so please bear with it.

There are also a few general things that I would ask everyone to be aware of regarding player conduct. I know I don't really have to say any of this, but I will. Please see below for some reminders of stuff you already know:

Player conduct.

I like to keep a friendly table and keep everything fun and free-flowing. It’s hugely important to me as a GM to ensure my players are comfortable and having a good time. To that end I insist that the following rules of conduct be followed during game-time:

  • All players are equally important and bring something different to the table. Please don’t talk over your fellow players or diminish their input in any way.
  • This is a system nobody in the group has experience with so please have patience.
  • To speed the game along for everyone, try to have your actions ready when your turn comes around whenever possible.
  • Non-trekkies are not to be ignored. Just because someone isn't that into Star Trek and doesn't understand the lore of the show doesn't mean they're lower in the pecking order than you
  • Try to get into the spirit of the setting. Just because you commandeered a Klingon D-7 with a prototype warhead and a cloaking device doesn't mean that you should go looking to Captain Archer in his dotage to exact revenge. We are in a time of war in the Alpha Quadrant, but this isn't classic D&D or Mars Attacks – not everyone you meet is there to be butchered for XP. 
  • Prime Directive's RANK system is not there to allow you to push other players around. Expect penalties if you start to pull the line "But he has to do it – I'm a higher rank!"
  • Pay attention to what’s going on around you. Try to stay engaged with the game – after all, you only get out of an RPG session what you put in.
  • Speak up. If there’s something you want to do or something you’d like to clarify or say than take your opportunity to do or say it. As a GM I d not limit player actions (although I may coach against party-destructive, obviously self-defeating or similar actions). Don’t sit idle and watch the game go by…..unless, of course, that is your jam.
  • Try not to tell other players what to do. It’s quite alright to discuss tactics, decide on actions as a group or coach other players but it is most definitely NOT okay to outright tell other players what they can and can’t do (or order them to do it because your rank suggests you can). This is a shared storytelling game and if you try to wrest self-determination from another player you are interfering with their ability to actually play the game and have any fun. If you don’t like their intended actions, convince them – don’t demand of them.
  • Treat other players and your GM with the respect you would want for yourself.
  • Put your mobile device down! Don’t play with your laptop, tablet or mobile phone at the table unless you’re looking up something relevant to the game. It’s hugely disrespectful to the efforts of your GM and fellow players to play computer games, listen to music, use Facebook and Twitter, have SMS or messenger conversations with others or even make/take calls during a game session (among other things). If you want to do games, YouTube, social media etc then please drop out of the game and let the others enjoy it.
  • If you need your phone handy for work or home responsibilities that’s quite OK, just don’t be paying constant attention to it rather than your gaming group.
  • We aren't (usually) at my house for this campaign. Three people share the house we play in so please respect their living space by helping to clear up food/gaming stuff after the game. Thanks.

For this group all of the above will be self evident. I can sum all of the above up in one simple sentence: "Don't be a disrespectful or disruptive douche, dude!"  :)

Enjoy your game.

Campaign rules

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