Sergeant Athena

A badass AC sniper straight out of an old Earth action movie


Athena is a battle-hardened Alpha-Centauran woman who looks like she just stepped out of a human 20th Century action movie. Tough, brash, impetuous, with long braided hair and a toned body with a chest that most human women would die for, Athena has presence wherever she is. She somehow manages to both be ‘one of the boys’ and unmistakably feminine at the same time. This girl always looks like she could kick your a$$ if you crossed her and if you so much as look like you’re going to mess up her braids, she definitely will.

LETHAL DAMAGE MAX: o o o o o o o o (8)
STUN DAMAGE MAX: o o o o o o o o o o (10)
RANK: Sergeant


A marine through and through, Athena was the bad penny of the Alpha Centauran marine corps. Seeing everyone as a rival and carrying a chip on her shoulder about her superiors, Athena somehow managed to annoy and defy so many officers and squad mates while simultaneously getting the job done that she ended up getting send on solo infiltration, scouting or even kill missions just to keep her out of the Marine Corps way. Despite being given more and more dangerous assignments, Athena kept surviving and coming back to barracks, starting trouble with anyone who would step up to her (which, in a bravado infused AC barracks would be almost anyone). Nobody can doubt that Athena could look after herself.
Her distaste for authority has been enhanced over the years by her knowledge that she would deliberately be selected for the dirty solo jobs. She made a lot of credits proxy betting on herself to survive her assignments in the illegal barracks betting that would go on whether her latest mission would be her last. Of course, it helped motivate her that her C/O would bet AGAINST her return every time. She always felt the need to stick it to that b1tch so survival was a great way to do it.
Before long someone higher up made a recommendation that the ‘bad penny’ be thrown into a polisher, transferring Athena into the Federation’s Prime Team program to sharpen her edge and give her a purpose outside of the hazing and rivalries she’d built up in the AC military. Initially her transfer was made without her knowledge but Athena was never one to shy away from a challenge and quickly grew to like her new ‘unit’ when she joined the STDs as the team sharpshooter.
Athena is every bit the one-woman army badass, fuelled in her actions on a diet of steady 20th century earth action movies. She is a very good shot and has operated on sniping and infiltration missions very effectively. While she does have a napoleon complex she describes herself as a “dirt-hugger”, a down-to-earth lass lying in (or stomping through) the mud to get a job done. It’s just a shame she believes nobody is better at it than she is while mis-quoting earth movie stars as she saves that day.

Sergeant Athena

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