Prime Directive - Isn't that a Bullywug?

Team #4 training session log, Stardate 22276.67.0910, USS Copernicus

First Officer's assessment notes

Team 4 have taken a surprisingly cautious and effective approach to the exercise. Despite appearances and rather unlike their expected conduct this team entered the training area together and acted immediately like a cohesive unit. Some notable actions so far include:

  • The marine sharpshooter taking point to cover a stealthy entrance of her marine partner to allow access to the hidden Jeffries tube entry on deck 6.
  • The Engineer and Science officers staying out of the way while awaiting the additional requested equipment but still using the time effectively, using the ships comms panel in an attempt to isolate comms frequencies of those crew member opposing them in this scenario.
  • The Medic staying behind the Marines and Sgt Major Fister to be on hand at need but not to be in the way of the more combat trained officers.
  • The Marine scout making it through the Jefferies tube and into the tractor beam capacitor bay. Once clear, she swiftly transferred into the air ducts, ignoring an opportunity to shoot an obvious threat from hiding choosing instead to silently infiltrate the lower shuttle bay control booth and obtain a silent k/o of the guard with the rifle there (played by Sgt Victor Bennis – a good shot with his rifle and a clear threat for team 4. Victor will not be pleased that he was dispatched so efficiently).
  • The Marine Sharpshooter also moved into the air ducts getting to the cargomasters office and dispatching the defender there despite a clever ruse by Ensign Treveylan, causing a door to be blocked from closing fully so it opened and shut at periods in the hope to fool team 4's sharpshooter into thinking there was movement in his room and get her to look the wrong way).
  • The sharpshooter using the one-way view in the cargomasters office and selecting the correct option on her rifle to dispatch a second defender in the cargo area without being seen.
  • The Engineer and Medical officers both showed compassion for my crew, ensuring that the downed men were at least comfortable. Sgt. Major Fister asked the crew to leave the area to emulate them being taken and locked away in a confining space, something he didn't want to do to them for real. We have allowed this. 
  • The Engineer setting up a comms booby trap and using the communicators recovered to start evesdropping on their enemy.
  • The team's use of Klingon to convey brief messages covertly over potentially unsecure comms.
  • Sgt. Major Fister's use of shouted communication from a false location (the main cargo bay doors) to give anyone hiding nearby the impression that a brash assault was coming while the other members of the team continue to use stealth to move about unhindered.
  • The patience of the team while waiting for additional equipment to give them an edge. Especially the Science officer, T'Kyr.

The behavior of team 4 so har has defied expectation of them to be gung-ho, impatient and uncoordinated in their action. So far they seem to have an uncanny knack for identifying potential hiding spots for assailants and have used the right members of the team in the right way to gain an initial foothold. 

If they keep this performance up they may well be the fastest finishers in this exercise so far. 


Further notes to follow.



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